Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates


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09:10 23 September 2020

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Covid update

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11:15 – 27 March 2020

If parents/carers living in North Yorkshire are on a low income they may qualify for Free School Meals (to apply for Free School Meals you can complete the form at ( In addition to securing free school meals, this would also result in the school receiving Pupil Premium funding from central government which we can then utilise to support your child with additional educational opportunities. Go to this website for more details:

As a school we want to open up all opportunities to all students and do not want financial difficulties to be a barrier to these opportunities for pupils. We would always welcome dialogue with parents/carers to discuss how we can offer support in these circumstances. Please feel free to contact our Pupil Premium lead in school Mrs Hubbard ( or your child’s tutor or House Leader to discuss these matters further.

12:00 – 26 March 2020

13:10 – 24 March 2020

07:15 – 24 March 2020 – Attendance arrangements for students with agreed school care during the COVID19 outbreak

Our sincere thanks to all our families in supporting the school by being able to keep your children at home. This is an important part of keeping our community safe. For those of you who need to access this care thank you for speaking with us today to help us shape that moving forward.

If your child does not require the agreed care on any day or becomes symptomatic please can you report their absence ONLY using our dedicated email giving the relevant details.

Many thanks

15:30 – 20 March 2020

Dear parents, carers and students,

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate students for the way they have conducted themselves over the past two days given the enormity of the decisions from the Government to cancel the summer exams and close schools to the majority of our student body.

It is still unclear as to how grades will be awarded for years 11 & 13, but the Education Secretary has stated “We will work with the sector and [the exams watchdog] Ofqual to ensure children get the qualifications that they need.” We appreciate that this lack of clarity may still leave many students feeling anxious. It may be helpful to know that over the course of the next two weeks, TGS staff will be carefully considering the forecast grades for both year 11 and year 13 final outcomes, and we have been asked to provide well-considered, positive and professional judgements.

Although staff used the early part of this week preparing bespoke resources for year 11 & 13 revision we are now in a position where we need to reconsider this approach. For all students, it will be important over the coming months to keep active and keep learning. We will continue to provide further guidance on next steps with learning, particularly for those who are continuing with their studies at TGS.

We hope that those students who have been in school today have enjoyed the activities they have been involved with and year 11 & 13 feel they have had a fitting send off. Remember the school is not going anywhere; we will still be here for you over the coming weeks, months and years.

Be Your Best Self.

Mr A. Parkinson

12:55 – 20 March 2020


Key Workers only – Please complete the survey (LINK BELOW) by 6pm Saturday 21st March 2020 at the latest.

When provision for Key Workers children at Tadcaster Grammar School has been finalised, those parents eligible will be contacted by the school with a start date. The start date will not be Monday 23rd March 2020.


08:50 – 20 March 2020

Following the Government announcement on national school closures from today, we will shortly be distributing a letter and an on-line audit to assess the level of demand for ongoing child care provision for families of Tadcaster Grammar School students whose parents are ‘key workers’ as defined in:

The start date for this provision, once planned, will be communicated to parents and carers as soon as possible.

Mr A. Parkinson

11.10 – 19 March 2020

19:20 – 18 March 2020

12:00 – 18 March 2020

10:30 – 18 March 2020

Work Set for Years 8, 9, 10 & 12 – Subject teachers are in the process of setting work using the Google Classroom platform. Students should check the Google Classrooms they have been enrolled on, for each subject, on a daily basis. Further guidance will follow later this week.

School Attendance Expectations – Years 7, 11 and 13 are expected to attend school unless they are ill (not connected with Coronavirus symptoms) or need to isolate as detailed in the most recent government advice.

11:45 – 17 March 2020

10:00 – 17 March 2020

As a result of recent government advice and declining staff numbers due to self-isolation associated with the Coronavirus, please be advised that the school will be closed to students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 12 from the end of today, Tuesday 17 March 2020.

A letter will be posted here and emailed to all parents later today.

08:00 – 17 March 2020

Following the latest government advice, TGS will remain open but asks parents to observe the requirement that if anyone in your household has either a new, continuous cough or a high temperature (above 37.8C) then ALL members of the household must stay at home for 14 days. We will expect any staff in the same situation to do the same. We are busy preparing resources and ways for students to study from home. Thank you as always for your support.