Offers of a Healthy Career Path for Three Medics and A Dentist

With offers of places at Oxford for five Tadcaster Grammar School students already secured, a further four Year 13 students have now received offers from universities to enable them to pursue a healthy career in the medical profession, subject, of course, to their A Level results.
Giselle Burluka has been offered a place at St Andrews and chose medicine because it allows her to use her fascination of science to help others. “I am particularly interested in specialising and attempting to treat or improve the understanding of illnesses which are currently difficult to treat,” said Giselle, who is a volunteer at York District Hospital.
Already involved with St John Ambulance, Callum Mo, hopes to be able to take up his offer to study at the Hull York Medical School, University of York and will be working extra hard to secure the A Levels he needs.
“I just hope I can get the grades to get in now,” said Harriet Barton who is studying Chemistry, Biology and Economics and will take up her offer at the University of Bristol, the University of Nottingham, or Queen Mary’s London.
With her sights firmly set on a career in dentistry, Eve Robinson doesn’t want anyone to be afraid of the dentist. “My best friend is scared of the dentist,” said Eve. “She hasn’t had one that has made her feel comfortable and I wouldn’t want that to be the case for anyone else,” she added. “I recognise that being a dentist is a challenging career path, but it is also one with a lot of social interaction and job satisfaction which I love the idea of.” Eve has received conditional offers from Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle. “I am just going to try my best to get those three As and hope it’s enough,” said Eve.
“These students have embraced the support received through MediPrep,” said Ros Knapton, Director of Sixth Form. “They have been well prepared and put through their paces and no wonder the offers came flooding in.”