‘ A Culture of Excellence’

High expectations, wonderful experiences, great support

Every student will:

  • Behave impeccably and develop ‘habits of excellence’
  • Receive consistently excellent teaching
  • Be given opportunities to grow academically, personally and culturally
  • Be known well, included, valued and heard
  • Feel happy, safe, and be respectful of others
  • Have an excellent experience in our Sixth Form

Every family will receive:

  • Regular, clear and meaningful information about their child’s progress and development
  • Guidance and advice about how to best support their child’s learning
  • Excellent communication from school and opportunities to provide us with feedback

Every member of staff will be:

  • Trusted to do their jobs well, supported and valued in order to develop a sense of well-being and job satisfaction
  • Encouraged to be professionally self reflective and provided with opportunities to develop their skills
  • Expected to consistently model the habits and behaviours we require from our students