Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 27 March 2020

Staff and Student IT Support

  • For Google Classroom queries email your teacher directly.
  • General IT support, Staff and Students contact (This address only accepts emails from STARMAT accounts)
  • All other enquiries use this contact form: LINK>>

11.15 – 27 March 2020

If parents/carers living in North Yorkshire are on a low income they may qualify for Free School Meals (to apply for Free School Meals you can complete the form at ( In addition to securing free school meals, this would also result in the school receiving Pupil Premium funding from central government which we can then utilise to support your child with additional educational opportunities. Go to this website for more details:

As a school we want to open up all opportunities to all students and do not want financial difficulties to be a barrier to these opportunities for pupils. We would always welcome dialogue with parents/carers to discuss how we can offer support in these circumstances. Please feel free to contact our Pupil Premium lead in school Mrs Hubbard ( or your child’s tutor or House Leader to discuss these matters further.

12:00 – 26 March 2020

All Coronavirus information and updates can be viewed on this page >>

The Spring Festival’ on Wednesday 29 April – Event Postponed.

Welcome to Tadcaster Grammar School

Year 7 Students join the Headteacher to showcase our new uniform.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our excellent school.

Tadcaster Grammar School is not just another secondary school, it is a thriving, successful and energetic place with a very unique ‘family’ feel. Although it is a large school, we pride ourselves on knowing our students really well and our caring and nurturing ethos ensures every student feels safe, secure and happy. The truly committed staff work endlessly to get to know our students as individuals. Staff also empathise with the challenges that day-to-day secondary education sometimes presents for students as well as recognising and celebrating success.

During their five, and hopefully seven years with us we aim to support each individual to further develop their confidence, ambition and motivation so they can achieve fulfilment in their current and future lives. As such, our curriculum offer is genuinely broad and balanced and strengthened through an enviable range of extra-curricular activities.

At the heart of the Tadcaster Grammar School is high quality teaching and learning. We always encourage our students to immerse themselves in the full life of the school as much as possible. We all have individual talents and the curriculum experience is designed to find and nurture these, whatever they may be. We want all students to enjoy, be excited about and make sense of their learning.

Tadcaster Grammar School is a very special place and we look forward to welcoming you.

Mr A Parkinson