Consent and Application Forms

Communication via remote video systems

We require that all parents and students have read and signed our Acceptable User Agreement (AUA) for communication via remote video systems. Parents will be unable to access our virtual parents’ evenings without signing the AUA in advance.

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New Student Record Form

This form allows you to provide us with your contact details, child’s medical information etc, which we require as a school.
There are also links to various documents about how we will treat the data you provide. The form should take around 30 minutes to complete and this information is required before we can issue details to access Parentpay and My Child At School.

New Student Record Form

Cashless Catering Consent Form

We have introduced a Biometric Trust-e Cashless System supplied by Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd for students purchasing food at school and therefore, I require the consent of at least one parent in order that the biometric information of your son/daughter can be processed. Please be assured that this information remains within the school and that the biometric information taken is an algorithm and not the actual finger-print.

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 Sixth Form – Leave of absence from school during term time