School Transport

We appreciate that it is sometimes more convenient for students to be brought to/collected from school by car, however we ask that families consider alternative options whenever possible.  This is to help with our objectives of being environmentally conscious, reduce traffic around school, and, the risk to students that heavy traffic can cause.  

Whilst buses are not contracted by the school, we work closely with a number of transport providers to ensure services are available for all students.  Please note that North Yorkshire Council (NYC) and the City of York Council (CYC) contract services for students living in the school’s catchment area (and more than 3 miles away) with registered bus operators. Students living more than 3 miles from Tadcaster Grammar School and who are in the normal catchment area of the school are provided with a FREE bus pass, either from CYC or NYC – they are allocated a designated bus on which to travel by the Local Authority. For safeguarding and safety reasons students are NOT allowed to travel on a different bus to go home with friends.  

Unfortunately, NYC do not provide transport for local Tadcaster students living less than 3 miles from school and in the normal catchment area – this is therefore the responsibility of the parent(s). Excellent value, single, return or weekly tickets can be purchased on the local Tadcaster bus T2 (Church Fenton to TGS) run by York Pullman.  Please see the timetable information here:

Transport is not provided by either Council for students living outside the catchment area of the school – transport is therefore the responsibility of the parent(s). There are a number of commercial bus services to school on which you can purchase single, return, weekly or annual mobile phone fares: (003S, 061) (TG1, TG2&TG3), Oz Travel t: 01977 685555 (055S)

More information is included in the documents below: