Psychology, Sociology and Criminology

Curriculum Team Leader:

Miss Katie Mitchell (


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour. It encompasses a variety of approaches to try to fully explain the causes of human (and animal) behaviour.
Year 12 students cover social, cognitive, behavioural and biological explanations for behaviour. These range from the social causes of aggression to the biochemical basis of depression.
Year 13 students apply their knowledge of behaviour to clinical and criminal psychology. Here students learn about abnormal behaviours and their treatments and have the chance to explore the mind of a criminal. The variety of behaviours and explanations covered makes it a highly interesting topic to study (Edexcel Specification).


An in-depth study of modern life in its entirety.
Year 12 students study the political economic and social aspects of families, households and education. Here students will explore theories behind how the modern family and education is shaped by wider political and cultural issues. This is accompanied with modules on sociological research methods whereby students explore how research on society can be conducted in a valid and reliable way.
Year 13 students focus on Crime and Deviance. They explore why crimes are committed, how society shapes criminal behaviour, alongside how the Government and Criminal Justice system aims to reduce crime.
Sociology A-Level will give students a good understanding of the Government and the Society that they live in. (AQA Specification).


Criminology explores the causes and effects of crime in society.
There are four areas to study: Unit 1 (year 1) Changing awareness of crime: the importance of changing public perceptions of crime; the skills to plan a campaign for change in relation to crime; for example to raise awareness, change attitudes or change reporting behaviour. Unit 2 (year 1) Criminological theories: this unit explores why people commit crimes and the debates within the different theories. Unit 3 (year 2) Crime Scene to Court Room: this unit looks at how evidence is analysed and reviews criminal cases. Unit 4 (year 2) Crime and Punishment: The focus of this unit is how punishment systems work and how they aim to both deter crime and rehabilitate those that do offend.