Chromebooks for Learning Scheme

Tadcaster Grammar School is now moving into the third year of its ‘Chromebooks for Learning’ scheme, an exciting project destined to take our students’ learning experience to a new level.

From September 2020 all  Key Stage 3 students at Tadcaster Grammar School will be required to have access to a chromebook throughout the school day. Students in Year 10 and Year 11 will have the option of bringing a chromebook to school, either their own personal device, or one purchased through the school endorsed scheme. (please see details below). Our students’ daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. We want them to feel at ease in this rapidly changing climate, and we hope that parents will engage and support us in this forward looking initiative.

We believe using Chromebooks will enable our students to become well-informed, responsible digital citizens and lifelong learners. Once our students have access to their own devices, we firmly believe the scheme will bring enormous educational benefits.

In order to facilitate this, the school has made a partnership with an educational ICT supplier, who can offer a device which is suited to use in a school environment. They will also arrange for a three year warranty and insurance against accidental damage as part of their financial package.

We must stress, however, that the scheme is voluntary. Students who do not take part in the scheme, and therefore do not have their own device will be able to borrow a chromebook when required, but will need to collect and return it to our ICT support team before and after use.

It is also possible, if students already have a chromebook of their own, to simply purchase a Google Education licence through the school, which will allow it to be monitored and managed by our school ICT administration systems.

Ideally, our preference would have been to purchase Chromebooks for all students from school funds. Sadly, due to increasing financial pressures, this is simply not possible.


If there are problems with your chromebook in the future, it will be necessary to claim under the warranty.  To do so please bring the chromebook to the IT support office, where we will organise to have the device picked up by the manufacturer and a temporary device issued to the student.

Insurance claims

If you need to make an insurance claim as a result of the device being accidentally damaged, please bring the device to the IT Support office or email in the first instance.

Students will be able to borrow a device whilst their own is not available, but parents will be required to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for this loaned device.

Why has the School opted for Chromebooks?

Students need to be prepared for an increasingly digital world. Research has confirmed that good home access to technology has a positive impact on a child’s educational achievements; it often motivates them to do school work by providing move interesting and engaging ways to learn. The use of chromebooks will not replace, but supplement our existing learning strategies. Importantly chromebooks give students seamless access to Google Apps for Education, (G Suite) which are being used increasingly across the school to enhance the learning experience

Some of a Chromebook’s Features

  • A multipurpose device with spill resistant Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Splash proof design to protect against accidents
  • Booting within 8 secs allowing learning to start straight away
  • 90cm drop tested to help prevent against accidents
  • Rugged and foldable design
  • Lockable keyboard prevents against mistyping
  • Long battery life
  • Large numbers of computers can be managed centrally
  • Excellent collaboration tools
  • Works seamlessly with Google Apps for Education and other cloud-based applications which all of our students and teachers already use extensively

The following are just a few examples of what students will do:

  • Create, share and collaborate using G Suite
  • Use subject related apps in the classroom and at home
  • Collaborative learning

Traditional methods of learning and teaching still have an important place in education and will continue in our school. Chromebooks should be seen as an educational tool, not as a replacement for these methods.

There are obvious concerns about young people spending too much time in front of a screen, whether it be a smart phone, tablet or computer. We are not proposing that our students’ lessons will become entirely ICT based however, and use of the chromebooks will be an additional opportunity, rather than a replacement for the excellent teaching strategies already evident here at school. We know too that many parents have sound arguments for restricting access to social media sites, computer gaming and excessive internet browsing, but if educational ICT access is sacrificed in order to cut down ‘screen time’, then we are not setting the boundaries in the right place.

Over the last two years all our teaching staff have received training in the use of the Google education environment, and we have carried out a number of successful trials using the devices themselves. More recently, we have three members of staff who have gained official ‘Google Educator’ certification. They work across the curriculum to ensure effective use of G Suite and the Chromebooks, by providing further training and guidance to both staff and students.

Year 7 Chromebook Scheme 2020

How to order

Visit our online ordering portal:
Username:   Y7Tad2020
Password:    S3cure02!
Key dates: 
Portal now open
Portal Closes: 10th October 2020
First DD: 25th October 2020

Only complete this form if you are NOT purchasing your Chromebook via the Freedomtech Scheme.

For those who do not wish to participate in the School scheme please make sure your Chromebook meets the following specification:

Chromebook 11 (11 inch screen)
4gb ram
Boot within 8 secs
Minimum 5400mAh battery – to enable upto10 hours use

Case Studies

 Tring School 1 to 1 implementation (parliamentary review)

 Churston Ferrers Grammar School Case Study



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