Pastoral Care

Students are placed in age group tutor groups, which are led by a tutor who will remain with their tutor group year on year, thus offering consistent care and support to students throughout their time at TGS. The role of the tutor is central to our pastoral care and they are the first point of contact for students and their families. Each year group consists of ten tutor groups.  A team of highly experienced Year Leaders oversee the achievements and well-being of students in each year group and they are supported by a dedicated Pastoral Leader.  In the sixth form our young people are supported in specialist tutor groups, by a team of experienced post 16 tutors, led by our Assistant Headteacher (KS5) and a dedicated KS5 Pastoral Leader.

The House System – Five Houses – One Community

In addition each student is placed into one of our five Houses: Calcaria, Dawson, Fairfax, Oglethorpe and Toulston.  Siblings are placed in the same House and each year group has two tutor groups affiliated to each House. This additional structure allows for opportunities throughout the year when students can  support one another across the age groups and also come together as in House Groups, very much like family groups. The House System is an integral element of the school’s heritage and supports our ethos of peer support and care. Each House is led by a House Champion who facilitates house based activities, competitions, enrichment experiences and vertical student support

Celebration of Student Success

Student success, achievement, progress and contribution to school life are celebrated through our Recognition System. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing our students’ intrinsic motivation. Students are rewarded with achievement points in the following categories: Ambition, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility – our four core values. When students reach achievement point milestones they are awarded with Recognition Value Lapel Badges and Certificates.

In addition our House System supports a strong sense of competition throughout the school. The Houses compete keenly each year for the Mitchell House Shield, with a range of inter House competitions from sports, to music and even a weekly quiz taking place. Students’ individual achievement points also contribute to the annual House Shield Competition.