Life Skills

Curriculum Team Leader

Mr Andrew Allman (


An individual student’s welfare and progress lies at the heart of the Schemes of Learning within the (Skills for Life) Department. It is very important for a young person to feel stable in their school environment, inspired by the work they and others are involved in and empowered to take control of their own learning and direction within their secondary education and beyond.

Our aim is to equip the young people in our care to learn more about themselves and how they can adapt to life’s situations and make the right choices; whilst raising awareness of the world around them and help them evolve into responsible Global Citizens.

At times throughout each year, we deliver topics of a sensitive nature. It is very important to us that students feel able to discuss such topics in a respectful, anonymous yet open environment. The Life Skills department has developed the STCA (Student /Teacher Classroom Agreement) whereby we all agree to follow fundamental safeguarding rules and procedures to ensure all students and staff feel safe and secure in this environment.

We collaborate closely with Year Leaders, Pastoral team, tutors, SMSC Leader and the community police force; to ensure that we are all up-to-date with current situations or trends in local and national society. This helps the Life Skills curriculum stay current, meaningful and supportive of our young people. We also work together to support any individual students who may struggle with certain sensitive topics that are covered by Life Skills.

The following statutory curriculum requirements are built into the Life Skills programmes:
PSHE – (Personal, Social, Health & Economic education)
RSHE – Relationships, Sex & Health Education
FBV – Fundamental British Values & Citizenship
SMSC – Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural content
CEIAG – Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance

The three TGS Personal Development themes built around the above are:

Emotional Health and Well-Being Education
Including Drug and Alcohol Education, Staying Safe On-line, 
Awareness of Social Media & the Digital  Footprint, Mindfulness,
Resilience, Healthy diet & exercise.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education –
Self-Esteem, Positive Friendships & Relationships, LGBTQ+,
Equality within Relationships, Peer on Peer Abuse,
Healthy sexual awareness, Consent and the legalities surrounding
all aspects of RSE education.

Living in the Wider World
Including local and global Citizenship / Community Awareness
and Participation Fundamental British Values: Democracy,
The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and
Tolerance for all. Financial Capability and Enterprise Skills /
Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance.

Year 7

It is very important for the Life Skills team to work closely with the Year 7 Year Leader and Pastoral team, so as to ensure that the students feel welcome, safe and supported when they arrive at Tadcaster Grammar School ( as well as over the Year 6 Induction activities the term before ). We focus early on being aware of social media, staying safe online and the legal responsibilities that come with owning a Smart phone – in and out of school.

Year 8

We build on the skills developed at Year 7 and focus more on the rights and responsibilities of a Citizen locally and in the world today. We also focus on maintaining positive, respectful relationships. Careers Education is also covered – making students aware of the types of jobs and careers available, not only locally but nationally and internationally!

Year 9

In this year, as well as the Citizenship theme, we focus heavily on maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and making the right and safe choices. The RSHE curriculum is one of the main focuses in this theme. We also support the students in making their Options Choices at the end of the first term, so that they are confident with their decisions made in the following January.

Year 10

In Year 10, as well as the PSHE & RSE curriculum, the emphasis shifts towards supporting the students in terms of preparing them to become more independent and responsible in the wider world. We also focus on each young person being a global citizen – they are not just ‘young citizens’ of their school and local community. Financial capability is focused on and we promote aspirations to explore a ‘Future Lifestyle’! How will you afford it and avoid debt?!

Year 11

Our main aim is to prepare the students for life after GCSEs and to support them through this crucial year. We work closely with the Careers Coordinator and the Year 11 Pastoral team, to work with every student to secure their post-16 choices. Individual Career pathways are established and monitored throughout the year. We also focus on exam technique and revision skills in preparation for Mocks and GCSE summer examinations.

Years 12 & 13

The statutory curriculum requirements of PSHE / FBV & Citizenship / RSHE / SMSC / CEIAG are built into the tutor programme for the Sixth form. They have an experienced team of tutors who use tutor time every morning to cover these themes and topics. They also look at the events on the world calendar and encourage active participation in volunteering for charity events in and outside of school. This all leads to a successful Personal Statement for post-18 options and beyond.