Air Cadets – The New Generation

The Air Cadets are for students in Year 8 and above who want to experience some amazing adventures. One of the greatest things about becoming a cadet is being part of a team. Friendships will be built that will last a lifetime, new skills will be found that won’t be found anywhere else. If you have always wanted to fly you can learn with the RAF through the Air Cadets and become a pilot by the age of sixteen!
Joining the cadets gives students a chance to shine. They get promoted through the ranks and take on responsibilities, which will impress employers and universities. Students can gain two CVQs and a BTEC whilst being a cadet. All the Duke of Edinburgh Awards can be done through the cadets.
The RAF Air Cadets have a curriculum they follow; subjects covered include the History of flight and the RAF, The Air Training Corps, Expedition Training to name but a few.
The Cadets also have competitions with other squadrons, camping in the outdoors and at other RAF Stations, Flying, Gliding, Swimming and Shooting and much more.

Adult Volunteers are always welcome as their skills are needed to develop the cadets.
For more information contact Flt Lt Griffiths – 01937 557340.