Tadcaster Grammar School

Tadcaster Grammar School is not just another school; we are a thriving, successful, vibrant and energetic community demonstrating a common purpose – to ensure the very best for our students.

We are committed to enabling all our young people to develop into happy, well prepared and confident adults, secure in the knowledge of the role they can play in their own development. Our School community is friendly but disciplined and our students gain enormous satisfaction from working hard and achieving success. We are proud of the extensive range of opportunities to stimulate and enhance the growth of our students into mature and responsible adults with a sense of purpose.

We pride ourselves on creating a secure framework of personal care and encouragement in which the highest possible standards are the goals for everyone. Our success is based on an ethos designed to address individual needs, foster self esteem and meet society’s changing expectations.

We aim to provide a secure, supportive, hard working and stimulating environment in which each student is encouraged to develop individual talents in the context of openness, optimism, high expectation and the pursuit of excellence.

Martyn Sibley B.Sc (Hons) Headteacher

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