Naples the Italian City Full of Unique Charms

Year 11 Geographers were given the chance to visit Naples during February half term. The trip was over three days during which students visited Sorrento, The Island of Capri and Mount Vesuvius.
During the visit students Victoria Clayton and Amy Lewis kept a diary which they have kindly shared.
Day One
We had the opportunity to visit an authentic Ice Cream Parlour in Sorrento. Here we learnt how to make the Gelato this is so popular in this region. The Bay of Naples relies heavily on tourism and the food, along with its geographical features, is a key attraction for visitors.
Day Two
We caught a ferry to the famous Island of Capri, which attracts 2000 tourist a year. Here we saw many geographical landmarks, such as stacks, stumps, wave cut platforms as well as the famous arch. The arch has been rebuilt to the keep the arch standing so that it still attracts many tourists.
After the bumpy ferry journey ride home we were given free time to explore the popular town of Sorrento.
Day Three
We travelled to the main volcano, Mount Vesuvius. Here we walked to the crater and learned about the AD79 eruption which covered Pompeii. After our venture up the volcano we visited the devastating scene of Pompeii, where we explored the town that was covered in Pyroclastic flow. After our busy day we finally topped it off and had an extremely competitive game of bowling.
Final Day
We walked down to the beautiful port and beach which we could see from our balcony in the Hotel Mary. We walked back up to the town before having a long journey home finally arriving back at Tadcaster Grammar School at 12pm.
The students led by Mrs Ireland Head of Humanities and her team had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school.