Year 11 Information (2023)

Welcome to the Year 11 Information page for Students, Parents and Carers. We hope that you find these resources useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

As we approach mock exams, we support our students to help with any anxieties relating to these exams – you may find this special student edition of Samantha Garners podcast on helping to manage exam stress interesting and useful. Please visit

Samantha Garner has also created this ‘supporting at home’ document for parents/carers:

sheets Year 11 mock timetable can be found HERE

slidesYear 11 information Evening presentation

Useful Information

Google Classroom ‘To do list’. This video shows parents and students alike a step by step instruction of how to check what work needs completing. It helps support workload management and ensure deadlines are met. Should be used daily, as part of students’ everyday routine.